Raul Marin II
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AUGUST 29,1968

Raul was born to Ruth Alcala & Raul Marin Sr.                          on August 29,1968. In Kokomo, Indiana    {Hosier County}

He was a prayer answered since the crib death of his brother Raul Jr. he was named by his older sister Rhonda she wanted another Little Roy and with the help of [her Doctor] Raul got his name as Raul A. Marin II. It made Rhonda real happy to have another brother and of course we were all very Blessed to have another son. A Miracle - A Prayer Answered by God.

Little Roy is what everyone called him. Raul looked just like his brother except Raul Jr. was more of an olive color; Little Roy was a bit darker but a very loveable child. His first years were real bad because his Mama was so scared to see him fall asleep that she kept waking him. He had a very nervous stomach because of that, he also had asthma. Raul was a very active boy he wanted a lot of attention from both Mom & Dad. He loved to hear his big sister talk to him and she was also very scared that when he got sick and stayed at the hospital she taught he wasn't comming back home like her other brother, we watch him very closely. Raul kept getting asthma attacks and he kept going in and out of the hospital he was about 2 1/2 years old and his Doctor advise us to move to Arizona but we stopped in Houston, TX on our way to Arizona and we both decided to stay in Texas so we raised our kids here.

Little Roy is what everyone called him. Raul looked just like his brother except Raul Jr. was more of an olive color; Little Roy was a bit darker but a very loveable child. His first years were real bad because his Mama was so scared to see him fall asleep that she kept waking him. He had a very nervous stomach because of that, he also had asthma. Raul was a very active boy he wanted a lot of attention from both Mom & Dad. He loved to hear his big sister talk to him and she was also very scared that when he got sick and stayed at the hospital she taught he wasn't coming back home like her other brother, we watch him very closely. Raul kept getting asthma attacks and he kept going in and out of the hospital he was about 2 1/2 years old and his Doctor advice us to move to Arizona but we stopped in Houston, TX on our way to Arizona and we both decided to stay in Texas so we raised our kids here.
Raul was tested to see if he could go to early kinder a lot of kids did go when we took Raul for his test at 4 years old one of the questions was what color is the banana Raul's answer was white the teacher would point to the banana and ask him again he would still answer white so the teacher pointed to the banana again and asked him one more time he answered do you want to know the peeling is yellow. Another thing was to draw a man, my son drew men with everything the teacher called my husband and I and I was upset I asked him why did you draw the man that way? He answered she didn't tell me to put clothes on him. He started school and Raul and another little boy were good buddies and competition started Raul was almost 7 and this little boy would tell him my daddy get a lot of money at every church service because his dad was a preacher well Raul wanted to top it off so he told that boy, my mom and dad do pot party, travel, and make a lot of money, We were on a trip to Hawaii so we get back and the setter tells us you both need to go to school and talk to the principal, What Happen? She didn't know so we rush to school and the Principal tells us to close the door and he started it's really not my business where you work but please don't tell your children what you do for a living. We were both puzzle what do you mean he say making pot parties every night and making that much money to travel we started laughing yes we do pot parties they are pots and pans we work for the West Bend company and we make money and travel because we have about 30 couples that work with us. He was a little character. We got everything squared away with the school.

Raul went to school with little Valerie and she had a dog that would follow them every day, So one day Raul decided to put the dog in our back yard because Valerie didn’t go to school that day and the dog was out, so Raul rush home and we had some green washable paint so he painted the dog green well Valerie was feeling better and came and knock at our door I was in the kitchen when I heard Raul asked her what color is your dog she said brown he answered her the only dog I have seen is green and it’s mine, well he got in trouble for that and also had to wash the dog and return it. He was very upset I still didn’t get him a dog for a while because we traveled a lot and we just couldn’t take care of one but his love was for dogs. I was going to have my youngest daughter and Raul would sing me a song saying Mommy I don’t want a little baby what I want is a doggy that is playful and little. He would sing that to me every day. Well he got a baby sister that was 4 ½ pounds he got use to her and my neighbor gave him a dog when the baby was about 11 months old. He was a happy trooper then. He loved his older sister and also the baby.

Born in Kokomo,Indiana on August 29, 1968.
My Gift to Ruth in Memory of Raul A. Marin II

High School to Collage

Raul graduated from McArthur High School in the Aldine District in Houston, TX and went to College in Tulsa, OK to Spartan School of Aeronautic he was doing good in school and as long as he kept an above average in his grades Mom would pay for the car, car insurance, gasoline and his Best Western bill when he was staying, the condition of our contract was [No Partying No drinking No gambling] Raul messed up he went to a party with friends and got drunk he had a wreak with a Lincoln Continental and it was a hit and run the only thing he learn from Mom was to lock his car and he did, so the police officer called Mom in Houston because the car was in her name and told her the Nissan you own has been in a wreck in Tulsa OK and of course I told them my son was there in College and gave them his address by this time Raul had called home in hysteric someone stole my car I can’t find it. I listen to him and then I told him the car was found wrecked he say Oh My God, I said Raul I know you wreaked the car the doors were lock when they found the car, a robber don’t lock doors when cars are stolen so here is the officers # call him and tell him what you did and call me back. He called the officer and they gave him a brake it was not put on his driving record but I had to buy a new Lincoln for the guy so I told Raul you have to find a job and pay your own car, gasoline, food, and room to continue your schooling. He kept telling me Mom it wasn’t your money I keep my word. I told him one thing you forgot son it was not if it was my money or not, it was No Partying No drinking period.

He found a job delivering pizza for Dominos he was fired within a couple of weeks he kept getting lost and they lost money because he only had 30 minutes to deliver the pizza. The people from Best Western cut him a deal he could do his work from school and work for them they felt sorry for him. He worked there for a while and then he meet her Dianna I was very upset over that because I had already spend a lot of money and he was quitting school found another job and they keep dating he then gave us the news that she was pregnant and they were getting married I keep telling him you don’t have to get married because she’s having your baby you can always help support the child he went on and got married December 3, 1988. He joined the Air Force and he came to Texas for training then he was send to Monterey Ca. after She went to join him and was having problems with the pregnancy and I flew up there to help him I brought her daughter Elizabeth back with me because Dianna was in the Hospital and advised to complete bed rest I kept Elizabeth for 11 months here in Texas than Raul was in San Angelo, TX where Ram had trouble breathing and was in the hospital than Raul was station in San Antonio TX.

They had three more kids and there in his home is also where Raul’s life was ended by greed and love for money and not the love of life. To me there is no value big enough to put on a life the bad part is that not everyone thinks that way and have no morals and don’t practice the 10 COMMANTMENTS the good out of all this are my four grandsons even if now they don’t want to see me I keep the good memories in my heart as I keep my sons memories in my heart. Her family might have brain wash the kids mind but the memories I have and pictures of my grandchildren no one can take that away and they know that my son’s blood is in their veins forever no one can CHANGE that, they are Raul A. Marin II’s children forever and they know Raul’s family loves them no one can change that. When they get older they can find the TRUTH in court records in San Antonio because their mom might be out of prison, not because she innocent but for a technicality. We Love you boys even if you don’t like us. It’s OK because God Knows how we feel and deep inside I know you love us too. Just like their Dad loved them and GOD LOVES THEM!


Raul A. Marin II serve the 6993 Electronic Security Squadron (AFIC), Kelly AFB, Texas
Job Description: Crypto logic Linguist Specialist Operates a sophisticated computerized system of receivers’ and recording equipment and makes written records of voice transmissions. Indentifies essential languages spoken in geographic areas assigned and categorizes voice signals by type of activity. Elements Indentifies essential elements of information for rapid reporting to tactical- and nation-level consumers. Prepares off-line activity logs. Provides translation assistance to analysts. Performs limited on-line analysis 

 He served from                                                                      

March 20, 1991  to March 19,1992

RATER'S COMMENTS: - Constantly produces excellent quality work proven by his average score of 96 percent on quality control checks - Certified as an operator with a score of 86 percent - Safeguards co-workers and expensive equipment by serving on the brigade

INDORSER'S COMMANTS: - Contributed to at least six real-time reports to national consumers - Works section's top priority mission, because of his technical expertise

March 20, 1992 to February 28, 1993

RATER'S COMMENTS: Certified one month early in assigned entity with a score of 96 percent, two percent above average - Directly responsible for issuance of six time-sensitive reports to theater- and to national-level consumers - Produced 17.7 percent of the section's transcription effort for January 1993 - Completed a job-related National Crypto logic School course with 100 percent score - Elected Chairman of neighborhood association's fund-raising board; raised $850.00 dollars for a neighborhood children's park - Organized a neighborhood team to participate in the annual Children Achieving Maximum Potential jog-a-thon fundraiser for disabled children

INDORSER'S COMMANTS: - Maintained an excellent 95 percent on quality control checks, two percent above the unit average - Maintained superior language skills by scoring 2+/2+ on the Defense Language Proficiency Test, out of a possible 3/3 - Graduated Airman Leadership School with an 88 percent average -One of only three operators selected for a three month specialized mission

March 1, 1993 to February 28, 1994

RATER'S COMMENTS: -Always produced high quality work, as evidenced by his averaging an excellent score of 94 percent on quarterly Quality Control checks - One of the better linguists on flight; raised hid Defense Language Proficiency Test score from 2+ (listening) /2+ (reading) to an average 3/2+ - Trained one Medicine Ball operator who tested 2 months early, averaging an outstanding 97 percent on his evaluation - actively supported the Air Force Fitness Program; scored a category V on the ergonomics test; competed in and finished the 1993 AFIC triathlon - Volunteered his time by participating in a 5 kilometer; raised over $110.00 for the Arthritis Foundation

INDORSER'S COMMANTS: - Due to his certification in three separate entries, he was able to help out another section during a critical situation of national importance - Very involved in his community; he is an active member of the Sunrise United Neighbor's Association and has been appointed Assistant Newsletter Chairman - Member of the flight fire brigade team

March 1, 1994 to February 28, 1995

RATER'S COMMENTS: - Selected to go TDY in support of Project MUSKETEER YARITZA due to his demonstrated technical expertise; efforts contributed greatly to issuance of over 300 product reports to national-level consumers - Designated as a primary trainer in his section; gave total one on one training to a trainee who showed initial weakness; resulted in that trainee scoring an excellent 93 percent on his qualification test - Dual certification allowed for greater flight flexibility; during slow periods on his primary section he voluntarily worked in his secondary section resulting in more efficient use of flight assets - Increase his scores to an above average 3 Listening/2+ Reading, out of a 3/3 on the Defense Language Proficiency Test - Appointed as the Magnetic Media Manager for a 15 person section; responsible for the accountability of over 400 tapes; performs these duties expertly - Extremely community oriented; Chairman of Neighbors on Watch and currently working with a San Antonio Councilwomen and the San Antonio east side police substation in order to establish a Cellular on Patrol organization in his subdivision

INDORSER'S COMMANTS: -Received a letter of appreciation from a national-level agency for the project MUSKETEER YARITZA, detailing his unique and outstanding contributions to the most successful mission ever of its kind - Consistently one of the most prolific producers in his section; recognized in the local operations feedback report for the fourth highest production rate out of a 27 person section - Flawlessly performed duties as acting section supervisor - Nominated as the San Antonio Express News Family of the Year

Job Description: (Duty Title) USSID MANAGER

Maintains, accounts for, and controls highly sensitive United States Signal Intelligence Directives (USSID) for the Medina Regional Signals Intelligence Operations Center (MRSOC); custodian of station's USSID Master Library posting changes as necessary; coordinates and conducts monthly visual inspections of all USSIDs at this station; serve as station point of contact between the MRSOC and the National Security Agency on all USSID correspondence and related technical holdings; manages the USSID on-line and Master Library authorization lists on Computer Based Terminals; drafts and distributes month inventory list to all Operational Divisions and other MRSOC Directorates with USSID holdings; codes and files USSID correspondence according to Analysis and Reporting Division File Plan; conducts periodic training with USSID clerks; ensures changes are posted within 72 hours of receipt of a USSID change notice.

RATER'S COMMENTS: -Dedicated, attentive and aggressive; his efforts enabled him to effectively maintain the USSID database; handled responsibilities for station USSID accounts with remarkable maturity and tact - Untiring devotion to duty and attention to detail; flawlessly accounted for ensured USSID changes were timely posted within 72 hours in the stations USSID Master Library - Conducted monthly visual inspections of all USSID holdings in the Master Library; no discrepancies noted - Demonstrated a desire for self improvement; took upon himself to learn computer software applications of Microsoft Word, Office Writer, Database-III, and Aboveboard: applies all programs effectively - Persistent participant in unit activities; assisted in several Organizational Day fundraisers and volunteered as the Savings Bond representative for the Analysis and Reporting Division - Involved in community affairs; helped establish the Neighborhood on Watch patrol and graduated from the Cellular on Patrol (C.O.P.) class; continued weekly volunteer work assisting other C.O.P. members - Displayed outstanding managerial skills and professionalism; exceeded all expectations

INDORSER'S COMMANTS: -Displayed outstanding initiative and responsibility by 100 percent positive support to this station as USSID Manager; markedly improved the quality and timeliness of support to MRSOC USSID holders - His resourcefulness as the MRSOC USSID Manager resulted in no degradation of USSID control and accountability; increased the level of USSID handling procedures by 80 percent throughout the Division - His extremely positive can-do attitude and total dedication to mission accomplishment gets noticeable results; USSID clerks throughout the MRSOC seek his expertise and knowledge of USSID matters

JUNE 16,2000: - Raul's family Mom & Sisters were honored by a wonderful meal at the reception guess room at the Air Force Base and were Honored to hear what Raul had accomplished with the United States Air Force; and received the COMMENDATION MEDAL










Staff Sergeant Raul A. Marin II distinguished himself by meritorious service as Operations Support Technician, and United States Signals Intelligen543d Intelligence Group, 67th Intelligence Wing, Kelly Air Force Base, Texas, from 11 January 1989 to 4 August 1998. During this period, Sergeant Marin exhibited outstanding initiatives and expert knowledge as Operations Support Technician, and United States Signals Intelligence Directive Manager. He was responsible for initiating numerous high-priority reporting events to theater and national-level agency as a key contributor to the mission's success. As the stations’ United States Signals Intelligence Directive Manager, Sergeant Marin designed a new database that decreased the time required to implement changes within the Operations Directorate and greatly improved accountability. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Marin in the dedication of his service to his country reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force



Raul's Family Comments: As Raul's family we now understand that there are others that will miss Raul as much as his family; We want to say that there is no amount of money that could replace Raul; There is no way to put a VALUE on such a wonderful person; I’m very blessed to have had him for almost 30 years and very proud that he was able to serve this country with pride and made so many helpful decisions to improve his work and help his co-worker. The life of a person is so precious and for greed to take this life away is so evil. Some people tell me that Money is the root of all Evil all I can say on that is No money is not evil; It’s the love of money that is evil.

We thank the Air Force for giving such a wonderful service in memory of Raul and thank you for the video that you all send my family. We appreciated it very much as we didn’t have the opportunity do make a video at his grave-site. I also want to thank all that worked with Raul and the group picture that was send to us, May God continue to bless all of you. Only another mother that her son was taken from her could tell you how much it means to a mom when others do special thing for them. That is graved in my memory and there is not enough thank you to say.

When a son is legally married to someone that is the person that makes all decisions’ and Raul was married so I could say anything Raul was buried so far from Texas that it would take me 8 ½ hours to visit his grave. I know he is not there but it would be nice to remember him and place flowers at his grave like other families do. What they didn’t know at the time was that his wife was involved in his murder so she made all the decision’ the only one that suspects her was me Raul Mom. It took one year and four days for her arrest but she was charged with his murder. It really didn’t matter if his wife was the one that wanted Raul gone she still made all the decisions’ the grave-site could have been between Texas and Oklahoma but she made the decision to take him so far from us.

I’m glad that she was charged and sent to prison for 12 year for conspiracy she made the choice to have Raul murdered; 12 years is nothing compare to my life sentence. Even if her case was overturn on May 19, 2008 and she’s free now because of a stupid mistake a loop hole she found. She still has to answer the real Judge he knows what she did and we don’t leave this world without facing the maker God. Everything is in his hands and it was her choice of all that happen all the pain she cause everyone the hell she made me go through I don’t wish her anything bad she makes her own choices’ all I want her to remember even when I’m gone is the # 50 for the 50 times Raul was hit on the back of his head and # 7 for the stabbed wounds he received on his back also. The coward that she used to kill Raul needs to remember that too. Since he made his choice to play God and take a life. He will remember that for all the days he is locked up unless he also finds a loop hole to get out of his punishment too. I might not be here to see Justice for my son but one day there will Justice for all victims that did not have a CHOICE! Their life was taken by force they didn’t chose to die the way they did but it happen and those cowards that took their life needs to pay for their crime. And be glad that it’s not the way it use to be in the B-I-B-L-E a life for a life that is way there is so much crime. They might get caught and do 5 to 10 maybe probation.

Murdered on August 05, 1998 at the age of 29.
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