Raul Marin II
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Poem / Ruth Marin-Eason (Mother)
My Dearest Raul II, Happy Birthday!
For 8 years we have missed you, mourned you, loved
You and above all we wish you were back with us.

So I write to you:
A life so young released to heaven:
Left on Earth to wonder "WHY"
But some are sent among us briefly
Some Have Spirits Meant to Fly.
So my Son, with the free spirit that you were, you're
Free to fly and always know; the ones you left behind
Will always Love you and Miss You.

We Love You! Mom, Ram, Malachi
Isaiah and Samuel, Rhonda,Rhoda
All your nieces & Nephews,Cousins
Aunts & Uncle's And All Your Friends
Air Force co-workers
Remembering You  / Lou And Carrie Ruiz (Friends to Raul's Mom )

Raul We are Felicia's Parents. We have known your mom and family along time now. Tomorrow you will be gone 11 years and a day hasn't gone by that your mom and family doesn't think of you. Your mom loves you and misses you so much. She always talks about you and she always wears a bracelet necklace or a pin with your picture on it. She longs for the day when she will see her baby boy again. She is so proud of you and you can be proud of her. Everything your mom does she does in your memory and she is a blessing to so many people and we are proud to call her our friend.  So tomorrow when the evening comes you throw your mom a kiss from Heaven and she will look up at the Heavens and throw you a kiss back. Don't worry about your mom we will all take care of her for you until she sees her baby boy again.  Lou and Carrie

P.S. Raul Please tell felicia we love her and miss her so much.

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