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What a Grieving Mother Really Thinks  / Ruth Marin-Eason (Raul's Mom )
Hello old friend, Oh yes you know I lost my child a while ago. No no please don’t look away And change the subject it's OK. You see at first I couldn't feel it took so long but now it's real. I hurt so much inside you see I need to talk come sit with me? You see I was numb for so very long and people said *My She is so strong.* they did not know I couldn't feel my broken heart made all unreal. But then one day as I awoke I clutched my chest Began to choke such a scream such a wail broke from me *My Child! My Child! The horror of reality But everyone has moved on you see everyone except for me Now when I need friends most of all between us stands no wall. My pain is more than they can bear when I mention my child I see their blank stare. *But I thought you were over it* their eyes seem to say No No I can't listen to this not today. So I smile and pretend and say *Oh I'm OK.* But inside I am crying as I turn away. And so my old friend I shall paint on a smile As I have from the start You never knowing all the while All I've just said to you in my heart. I miss my son so very much yes life goes on now I see who are the ones ‘that really care and those who don't. But I'm his mom you see and I will love and miss him for an eternity! He will be in my heart FOREVER!!!
My Child  / Ruth Marin-Eason (Mother)

My Child
On the day God took you I thought that I would die
I wondered where the time went; I asked a lot of whys??
With people all around me I felt alone inside from all their
Words of comfort, I couldn't seem to hide,

I thought I might be dreaming that I'd wake and find you here
I thought "This can't be happening." As I wiped another tear
On the day that you were laid to rest my heart broke yet again,
You were taken so far away from home I wondered if the pain would end, But mostly, I wondered when??

It's hard to be without you, At times the days seem long, and I could go to your grave but can’t because you were buried so far away from home. The trip distance is: 526.05 mi Time: 8 hrs 17 minutes
Sometimes I just sit crying, when there's really nothing wrong.
I wonder why your wife hated us so much to have you taken from us and buried you so far it could have been between Texas and Oklahoma and made it fair, but just took you to Fort Gibson, OK. How hateful can one be?

“Cemetery is located 1 ¼ miles Northeast of the Town of Fort Gibson. From the Tulsa Municipal Airport, take Broken Arrow Expressway (Hwy. 51) East. It becomes the Muskogee Turnpike a few miles South of Tulsa. From the Muskogee Turnpike take exit Tahlequah/Ft. Gibson (Hwy. 62 East). Do not turn at the Town of Fort Gibson signs; turn left (North) on Wiley Rd. Go to the second stop sign and turn right on Cemetery Rd. You will see the cemetery ¼ mile on the right.”

I wish we'd had more time, before your life was done. I hope your resting peacefully, my precious son. I know you are not in that grave that she had you buried there you are FREE from all that evil and resting in God’s hands. I love you and miss you and I know I’ll see you again.

I lost my son and also four grandsons that I love very much and someday they will know the truth she might deny the crime she had done to take Raul’s life away but God knows and see’s everything, She might be out of prison and living Free even if she is guilty, I know she will deny it till the day she dies but always remember the 50 times Raul was hit on the back of his head and the 7 stab wounds on his back were done to make you a free women with a black heart. You still have one more Judge to see and you can not lie to him he knows it all.

Another New Year, Birthday,Mothers Day without my handsome son! She has the boys now but someday they will learn the truth

 {God Knows What you Did}

journey we take togeather  / LUANNA ONEY (JOINED BY SORROW )
My DANIEL was also murdered. I STRONGLY believe that justice will be served for us. Yes they do think they won because they walk this earth unharmed or untouched, but our angels walk the heavenly grounds that has a god that makes sure charma has its way of making things right. Togeather in our prayers i STRONGLY belive that they will feel the pain that they have inflicted on us..u will be in my prayers always and forever...u are never alone in this tortured journey that you must take. Always remember that,,,,
NOT OUR CHOICE  / Ruth Marin-Eason (Raul's Mom )

In Loving Memory of My Son
Raul A. Marin II    08-29-68   *   08-05-98


It was not our CHOICE but the road we must travel was inflicted by the cowardly who never take the blame, their victims are both young and old yet the pain is still the same. To those that suffer such a loss my heart pours out to you. I pray you'll quickly find relief and help to see you through. I hope you know you're not alone and that it's not your fault. That there is help that you can trust to make this evil halt. And please remember that God above who loves you tenderly, and that he hears your every word there’s nothing He can’t see. So our prayer now should be for Justice from up above because the evil ones down here will always be the cowardly who never take the blame.

They think that they have won because they have not been caught but our God has seen all the evil they have done and it’s not over till they meet our Judge from up above and they will have to answer him for all the evil they have done. If I was them I would confess and pay the price right now for here its five to ten maybe 25 or life, but if you have to go to hell, it’s for eternity your Choice for being so cowardly. You thing you're so smart that no one will know the truth but my God was not asleep when you took my loved one’s life. So I might not see Justice here but I know that it will be because no one leaves this world without paying for what they did.

Some may think its OK I confess to God in silence it’s between God and I. I only plan the crime but someone else killed him, [not me] the crime was made because of you his life was taken so you’re as guilty as the one that killed him. But one thing for sure it’s in God’s hands and I might not see or know when you have to pay for what you have done, but it will happen in due time JUSTICE will be done. For it is in my God's Hands

Not our CHOICE to walk this road that was inflicted by the cowardly who never take the blame they think they are brave and tough and have power when they confront the victim but after the crime they run and hide because they are nothing but a wimp hiding for the crime they were so proud to commit. So come on be brave like when you took their life come forth and confess face your punishment be brave, tough and don’t complain, plea-bargain or appeal your case. We have to serve our life sentence without our loved one, your choice to give me so it’s your turn to serve whatever it might be. Five to ten, maybe 25 or life or an ETERNITY!
Ruth Marin-Eason 01-13-09

They say there is a Reason.  / Ruth Marin-Eason (Raul's Mom )

They say there is a reason. We ask WHY?
They say time will heal. We ask WHEN?

They say that time will heal, But neither time nor reason, Will change the way I feel, for no-one knows the heartache, that lies behind my smile, only someone that has been in the same boat as I. Only someone that has experience this pain

Living without you will never be the same I love you and miss you that hole in my heart will never be filled my new Normal without you always will be an empty hole in my heart no one can see. The memories of you are what keep me alive and I Thank God that those Lovely Memories No One can steal, kill or destroy. They are for an ETERNITY!

No-one knows how many times, I have broken down and cried,
I want to tell you something, So there won't be any doubt,
You're so wonderful to think of, But so hard to be without, but all this evil that came to my family has made me a stronger person and I will fight that evil with GOOD.
My goal now is to help others and I Thank God for His strength to help me with this new journey that was put before me through all the hell I was put through, now I have changed and it's to turn the evil and hate that I felt with the pain I suffered.
Now I help others and all in the Loving Memory of My Son Raul A. Marin II and with God’s help I'll be there for others to tell them to KEEP THEIR LOVE ONE ALIVE and always SPEAK FOR THE ONE'S WITHOUT A VOICE. We are their voice and we speak LOUD and CLEAR to the evil doer, you will have to face the real Judge JESUS CHRIST for we don't leave this world without answering Him for what we have done. So evil doer your time will come!

In Memory of Raul with Love  / Lucio And Carrie Ruiz

Friends may think we have forgotten, When at times they see us smile, Little do they know the heartaches, That our smiles hide, all the while. Beautiful memories are wonderful things, That last till the longest day. They never wear out, they never get lost, and can never be given away. To some you may be forgotten, To others, a part of the past, But to those who loved you and lost you, Your memory will always last.

Ruth, The website is so beautiful. We have been friends now for at least 8 years and through the years with all the good and bad, the laughter and the tears, it seems as though we have known each other a lifetime. We know how much you miss your son, you know we know that pain. You are a great friend and a wonderul mom and we know Raul is looking down from Heaven and beaming with delight because he is so proud of you. I know him and Felicia talk and they know how much we hurt. I know we will see our kids again, you've told me so many times and I hold on to that. We love you very much and may God hold you close until you see your handsome son Raul again. Raul, please tell Felicia we love her and miss her so much. We will watch over your mom for you. From our hearts to yours. Love Lou and Carrie




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