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I can hardly believe what has happened  / Jean McDaniel (friend around 1990. )
I knew Raul (and Dianna) back when Ram was a baby and she was pregnant with their  2nd son. My then husband, John Kenemore, worked with Raul. John and I had a handicapped daughter so we hit it off with them because of Elizabeth.
My precious baby girl died May 27, 1996, and now to learn that such a great man was murdered by his wife just two years later breaks my heart!
 I am so sorry for your loss! Words cannot bring comfort, but I wanted to let you know that Raul and his family were on my mind this evening and I went looking for them! Just wish I'd found him happy, healthy and alive!!
God bless you!
Un Mensaje Para ti  / Ruth Marin-Eason (Mother)
Un pajarito bueno y bonita viene bajando del cielo aquí para diserte que te extraña y te ama y nunca se olvida de ti
Mothers Day Cry Your Heart Out!  / Ruth Marin-Eason (Raul's Mom )

Mothers Day Cry Your Heart Out!

You’re sitting there all by yourself
hurting and feeling so much pain,
missing your loved one waiting for that call
and your eyes fill up and you can barely see,
then you feel the warmth of your tears running down your face.
And there is no escape, so you just cry.
You’ve got to let it all out.

Just sit there and take it in. Cry out your pain
this is a game that you can’t win. We have to show
our pain it hurts and you can’t help it,
don’t keep it bottled up inside.
Because it will hurt you even more
Sooner or a later you will break down.

You can’t keep it in forever. So let those tears fall.
Cry your heart out. Scream out the pain.
Let all of your emotions drain.
Cry till you can’t cry no more.
Until there are no more tears left in your body.
Missing our loved ones is painful and only a Mom
Can share this with another Mom

Sometimes our family breaks and you don’t understand
Why in a time you need support not all your kids are there for you
Some families are Bless they join together and yet others we
Lose not only the child that was taken from us but also other family members
And the pain doubles with WHY! WHY ME! Our love is always for all our
Children but some don’t understand. Any way one day they will.

I Have a Place in Heaven - Unknown Author  / Ruth Marin-Eason (Mom)

I Have a Place in Heaven

Please don't sing sad songs for me,
Forget your grief and fears,
for I am in a perfect place
Away from pain and tears

It's far away from hunger
and hurt and want and pride,
I have a place in Heaven
with the Master at my side.

My life on earth was very good,
as earthly life can go;
But Paradise is so much more
than anyone can know.

My heart is filled with happiness
and sweet rejoicing, too.
To walk with God is perfect peace,
a joy forever new.

TREASURED MEMORIES  / Ruth Marin-Eason (Mother)

On your Birthday of all the special
Gifts in life however great or small
To have you as my Son
Was the greatest gift of all

May the winds of love blow softly
And whisper in your ear
“I love you and miss you Son
And wish that you were here”

Deep in my heart your life is kept
To love and cherish, not forget.
No more tomorrows we can share
But yesterdays are always there

A silent thought, a secret tear
Keeps your memory ever near
Gone but not forgotten
Always in my heart forever

Got this poem for your Birthday bu I was out of town and had been so many things coming my way, But the Love I have for you will never change forever in my heart. Uncle Danny went to join you a day before your 14th anniversary, he will be missed as much as you; of all my 6 brothers 5 are already there with you.

Just four of us left here on earth.

Remember us  / Ruth Marin-Eason (Rauls Mom )


To the living we are gone.
To the sorrowful we will never return.
To the angry we were cheated.
But to the happy we are at peace.
And to the faithful we have never left.

We cannot speak but we can listen.
We cannot be seen but we can be heard.
So as you stand upon the shore
Gazing at a beautiful sea.

Remember us.
As you look upon a flower and
admire it*s simplicity
Remember us.

Remember us in your hearts
Your thoughts and in your memories.
Of the times we loved the times we cried.
The times we fought and the times we laughed.
For if you always think of us
We will be alive in your hearts.

Gone But Not Forgotten Always In Our Hearts

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